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Limited Edition Reproductions are offered for each painting. If there are prints still available in the edition, then custom sizes may be special ordered. Each limited edition reproduction is printed on watercolor paper using the Giclee' process. The watercolor paper is preferred over canvas because it most accurately imitates the velvety texture of the chalk pastels. Each piece is signed and numbered. Contact us for more information.
Cokeville, Wyoming Series
aspens cascades pine creek falls indian paintbrush
Alcova Lake, Wyoming
sandy beach
aspens   aspens
Hole in the Wall, Kaycee, Wyoming
red bluffs
Historic Martin's Cove, Wyoming
martins cove

By Love or by Sea

Book Cover for Author Rachel Rager

Story, Wyoming
Tensleep, Wyoming Series
reflections pines sunlit evening
The Platte River
simple pleasures
wolves   bears
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